Qualifications for incoming freshmen:
  1. Must belong to the upper 10% of the graduating high school class.
  2. Must have a grade of 90 and above in the PRICAT College Entrance Exam.
  3. Must have a general average of 90% and a minimum grade of 85% in all subjects
    as a graduating K12 student.
  4. Must have a letter of recommendation from high school mentors stating good moral
    conduct and empathetic leadership skills.
  5. Must undergo a formal interview with the PRIFI Director.
  1. Original copy of Income Tax Return (showing not more than 300,000 PHP gross
    income annually), or Affidavit and BIR Certification of Tax Exemption of Father and
    Mother or Guardian,  Birth Certificate.
  2. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate.
  3. Endorsement letter from the university.
  4. Two copies of 2”x2” ID pictures.
  5. Two copies of 1”x1” ID pictures.
  6. Photograph of the applicant with family/guardian.
  7. NBI clearance
  8. For incoming freshmen: Original copy of Final Grade Report, original copy of the
    Certification proving the applicant belongs to the upper 10% of the graduating
  1. 50% discount on tuition fees with a maintaining general average of 88-90%, with a minimum grade of 85 in all subjects.
  2. Pocket wifi device with 500 PHP internet load subsidy per month.
  3. Free 2 sets of uniforms.
  4. Priority offer to work in PRI Medical Center and all PRIFI sister companies upon graduation and board certification.